Located in southern Turkey, Kaş is one of the best diving destinations in the Mediterranean, with over 30 dive spots that suit all levels of diving experience and offer a big variety of dives with modern wrecks, amphorae and anchors from ancient civilizations, rocky reefs, canyons, large caves and sea-grass meadows… The diverse Mediterranean fauna and flora of Kaş-Kekova Marine Preservation Area are further enriched by “lessepsian” species migrating from the Red Sea.

Hiking and Biking

Walking, coastal traverses, cycling and bird watching all our nature activities bring you one step closer to discovering the secrets of Lycia. Whether the sea is a turquoise blue or lycian settlements in the coastal towns where no one else is aware, there’s always something to discover for everyone from 7 to 70.


If you want to feel like a bird and look at Kas from the sky, the paragliding is for you. After a 20-minute journey, you will be able to enjoy a wonderful view of the mountains, the sea, Meis and Kas with the presence of experienced pilots, and you will return with Unforgettable memories.Open your arms and leave yourself to the rhythm of the wind. Fly Freedom.

Meis Island

Meis Island is the closest Greek island to Turkey, it is only half an hour away by boat.Narrow streets, colorful houses, amazing sea food with Uzo, If you want to experience an unforgettable swimming experience in blue cave and feel yourself in Greece for a few hours, Meis Island is just for you!